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Promotional cotton kitchen apron With Logo, kitchen apron,Customized cooking apron


Wearing aprons for housework can effectively prevent dust, oil stains, etc. from soiling clothes.

The printed kitchen aprons feature a halter neck. It is oil resistant and easy to clean without fading. It is easy to wear and has a reasonable size for a wide range of people.

It is made of high-quality fabric, durable and breathable, and can be used all year round. The print pattern is clear and will not fade after repeated cleaning.

We make apron according to customers' requirement, so please inquire with your specification. The picture and specification above are for your reference.

Usage :

Apron are widely used for kitchen, working, gift, housework, etc. The printed kitchen aprons can also be used as a promotional item in shopping malls, supermarkets, etc., and can print the advertising advertisements and corporate logos on the apron.


1.Eco-friendly, fashionable

2.Non-toxic, reusable, recyclable


4.The fiber structure gives it good gas permeability. And it does not absorb water and can dry quickly.

5.This product is environmentally friendly and easy to use.



1. Usually it can be hand-washed, and it can also be machine washed, with alkaline detergent;

2. Washing temperature depends on the color of the cotton cloth. Usually the best water temperature is 40 ~ 50 ° C, the color of the bright or dark products should not be too high, because apron is easy to wrinkle; washing time should not be too long, so as not to fade. White sweat-free cotton cloth can be washed. Cotton products with perspiration are not easy to wash at high temperature, so as to prevent the protein in the perspiration from solidifying and adhering to the fibers, thereby preventing causing yellow spots;

3. Dry the waterproof apron in a cool and ventilated place, not exposed to the sun.