reactive printed seaside beach towel

jacquard velour beach towel

Product Details

The jacquard velour beach towel has a soft fiber feel, strong cleaning function and waterproof and breathable effect, and has strong water absorption. We use a fine weaving method so that it does not spin and does not get out of the loop, so the fibers are not easily peeled off from the towel surface.

Our jacquard velour beach towel has an excellent dyeing process. Its flame retardancy, transferability, high temperature dispersibility and decolorization index are in line with the strict standards of the export international market. The reactive printed cotton beach towel has the advantage of not fading, so its surface does not cause any discoloration pollution when cleaning.


1. It can quickly absorb the water from the body and protect the skin.

2. Beach towels have a high density and should not be shed.

3. It does not contain formaldehyde and contains no carcinogenic aromatic amines, so you can use it with confidence.

4. Its pins are exquisite and delicate, the wires are tight and even, and durable.

5. This kind of towel organization is complicated, the pattern is exquisite and meticulous, and the color is colorful and changeable. It uses a wide range of fiber materials, yarn fineness, fabric structure and warp and weft density.

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Payment Details

  • Payment Method:Telegraphic Transfer in Advance (Advance TT, T/T)

  • Minimum Order:1000 Pieces