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pullover baby bibs

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The pullover baby bibs will touch the baby's head and neck as well as the soft skin of the chin. Therefore, the fabric of the bib is recommended to be soft and skin-friendly fabric, such as cotton gauze, which is exquisite and comfortable, warm and breathable. The bib is fluffy, soft and non-fluorescent, making it more comfortable for babies.

This pullover baby bibs is made from multiple layers of material. One layer is a non-printed cotton cloth and the second layer is a breathable water absorbing layer. It prevents the baby from inflaming the skin due to saliva flowing into the skin, causing skin diseases such as eczema. In addition, the bib can prevent food from falling on the child while feeding the child.


NameBaby burp cloth
Fabric100% cotton
Age groupNew born, baby,infant

knitted fabric

Seasonall season
UsesBaby drool


1. This compact pullover baby bibs is a cartoon animal, comfortable and breathable, free of fluorescent agents and will not harm your child's skin.

2.pullover baby bibs adopts a strap design, and its ferrule size can be adjusted, so it is convenient for long-term use. In addition, the collar is flexible and will not reach the baby's neck.

3. This product is made of cotton material, good water absorption, washable, repeated use, and economical.