Cotton prices are stable, the turnover rate is high

Last week (August 21-25), cotton, cotton futures price is relatively stable, round out the auction hot, high turnover rate, weekly turnover of 144012 tons, turnover rate as high as 97.3%, the Xinjiang turnover of 32837 tons, an increase of 2422 tons, a slight increase as the number of average price fell 36 yuan / ton, 111176 tons of cotton to clinch a deal, an increase of 12323 tons, the average price fell 41 yuan / ton, considering the price down 211 yuan / ton, the actual rose 170 yuan / ton. This week because cotton prices rallied round up 66 yuan / ton, to 14489 yuan / ton. On Friday (August 11th), the national cotton price B index 15860 yuan / ton, and Zheng cotton futures contract CF1709 ratio, cash premium 520 yuan / ton, contracted 313 yuan / ton.

Spot: 2016 cotton price is less so, real estate transactions scarce reserve cotton prices have obvious advantages, a large number of traders were unpopular. Mill hunters, at the cost of extrusion, many estate cotton, cotton round out the real estate using the technology matures, the yarn quality is better in.2016 spot to reduce the volume of price relative strong, the mainland library 3128B, strong 27cN/tex resources above the official price of 16200-16500 yuan / ton, strength below 27cN/tex, the general price of 15900-16200 yuan / ton, "double 29" of more than 16500-16800 yuan / ton, close the cotton price at 17200-17800 yuan / ton, the clearance of Australian cotton in 18000-18300 yuan / ton West African cotton, in 16000-16300 yuan / ton, Xinjiang reserve sales price 15300-16200 yuan / ton, real estate sales price of cotton reserves in 14200-15200 yuan / ton this week. With the increase of Xinjiang investment volume of transaction price is expected to decrease to 20. 16 years and two sales of Xinjiang cotton spot reserves have impact. Cotton prices relatively stable, the mainland bank 137 sales price is generally 21500 yuan / ton, low grade price loosening at 20000 yuan / ton.

Round out: last week was a twenty-fifth week round, the reserve price of 14423 yuan / tons, turnover of 144012 tons, an increase of 14745 tons, of which a trade turnover of 32058 tons, accounting for 22.3%, worthy of attention. The turnover rate of 97.3%, of which 32837 tons of cotton, an increase of 2422 tons, the average price of 15069 yuan / ton, down 36 yuan / ton, this week cotton estate turnover of 111176 tons, an increase of 12323 tons, the average price of 13763 yuan / ton, down 41 yuan / ton. This week round out the price increase 66 yuan / ton to 14489 yuan / ton, cotton prices expected to decline markedly, reduce the real estate transaction price of cotton, the cumulative turnover will decline slightly. 2 million 540 thousand tons, according to this calculation, this year the total turnover will be greater than last year, auction company 782, week increased by 3.