What do you mean by 30, 40 or 60 in the gauze?

                                          What do you mean by 30, 40 or 60 in the gauze?

The gauze is more common in everyday life, count to 30, 40, 60 are.30 gauze can be used in addition to 30 statements, and using the 30S address, so other numbers are the same, there is no difference.
So what does the count mean in the gauze circles?

Simple gauze "count" is a manifestation of the thickness of yarn standard. One or two cotton as the standard for example, if you can make 30 1 meters long yarn, so the yarn weaving gauze is 30; in analogy, one or two cotton 40 1 meters long yarn, weaving gauze is so 40; 60 cigarettes as well. That is to say, the gauze number higher, more fine yarn, weaving yarn with this fabric is thin, the cloth is also relatively more soft and comfortable.

But the count higher gauze on raw materials (cotton) quality requirements are very strict, but also have higher requirements on cotton and weaving factory, so high count gauze cost is relatively high.