How to use heat insulation gloves correctly

How to use heat insulation gloves correctly.

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1, first determine the use of high temperature gloves and the environment to contact high temperature objects. Such as the oven in the oven after the temperature to be clear, and then according to the temperature to choose the appropriate heat insulation gloves. If not very clear, then you can use hand-held infrared temperature measurement equipment.

2, carefully check the specifications of high temperature gloves, and high temperature gloves temperature range is in line with your needs. Be sure to see the maximum temperature of high temperature gloves contact, here also pay attention to contact time, do not exceed the description of the standard contact time, otherwise it will be dangerous. If you really need to take a long time to choose some thick and slightly higher temperature and heat insulation gloves.

3, before use should carefully check the surface of high temperature gloves is intact, check the inner insulation layer is dislocation or thinning phenomenon. After repeated use should be carefully seen in each use before the car gloves are damaged or carbonized phenomenon.

4, the use of high temperature gloves should first touch the high temperature objects, through the hand feel the heat insulation gloves can effectively heat insulation; repeated tests to observe whether the surface of the phenomenon of burning or damage. If there is no problem to use.

5, high temperature gloves for a long time after the use of the inner insulation layer of thermal insulation performance may be reduced, this time in order to protect the safety should be adjusted to contact the high temperature of the time, appropriate to shorten the contact time.

6, high temperature gloves should be placed in a clean, ventilated environment, the protection of gloves moisture affected gloves life, aramid high temperature gloves should avoid exposure to sunlight, otherwise the glove color will change, but does not affect the use.

7, for the dirty high temperature gloves should check the instructions for use, whether you can clean, such as non-cleaning should be replaced with a new high temperature gloves. Damaged high temperature gloves should be immediately stopped using, otherwise it will cause damage to the operator; clean high temperature gloves after the damage will reduce the dust-free effect should be replaced immediately.


Although the high temperature gloves can effectively protect the user within the specified high temperature range, the user must be aware that the high temperature gloves are not omnipotent and can not be sloppy and must be used in strict accordance with the operating procedures and try to avoid accidents occur.

Before use, check whether the glove material contains toxic substances, such as asbestos gloves can not be used in the kitchen.