Teach towel used in your daily life to pay attention to what matters

Bath towel away from the toilet

If you use microscopes to observe small drops of water when you flush the toilet throwing up, you'd find out, they can splash to several meters high, so any bacteria in the bathroom are likely to run into your bath towel, as well as our toothbrush may also be doomed. If you put a bath towel from near the toilet, or is it best to move them to a safe place, away from the toilet at least 3 meters away.

Sunbathing towels

Every day enough towels on the sun terrace or window to bathe Sun. Especially at home recover from cold or cough recover after a few days, in addition to drying towels, but should also be fully all towels soaked with a disinfectant and wash it.

Change bath towels

Sensitive skin, skin colour dull, worsening skin condition, is caused by a small, subcutaneous inflammation. This time is health pay special attention to towels, bath towels not too "luxury", but always new, safety and health in the new than in the old.