Towel patterns of trade in the world and the present situation of Chinese towel exports

Towels are the most common necessities of life, is an important part of home textile products. According to UN Comtrade data show that towel has exceeded 10 billion US dollars in import and export trade in the world. Free home textile World magazine

Export pattern: China advantage

In 2011, the global towel products (not including products such as towels, bathrobes), exported 810,000 tons and exports of 5.73 billion dollars, the average price per ton more than 7,000 dollars.

1.50% per cent of global exports of towels

2011 towel exports more than 100 million dollars in 6 countries and regions, namely China (US $2.85 billion), Pakistan (US $750 million), India (US $740 million), Turkey ($ 550 million) and European Union (US $180 million) and United States (140 million dollars). Ex-four export 85.5% per cent of total world exports, which ranked first advantage especially in China, exports accounted for 49.7% of the world, the number of 317,000 tons, 39.1% per cent of total global exports.