Towel product raw material testing

Analysis of the raw materials for towel products, is the basic content of towel products, is an important basis for determining quality of towels. Analysis of raw materials for towel products, actually including the towel fabrics of yarns of various fibers to make a qualitative and quantitative analysis of two aspects. Of course, for pure towels, just to make a qualitative and blended towel products, you need to first fiber towel yarn types were identified and then identifying fiber content.

Towel and fiber identification, is the use of physical, chemical and equipment, determination of the nature of unknown fiber, fiber is known to have a variety of performance compared to a qualitative method for fiber identification. Commonly used methods are: sensory methods, combustion method, microscope, chemical dissolution, melting point coloring method and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy method, medicines and so on. When in actual identification, often need to use a variety of methods, analysis and research results can be drawn.