Well, did you use?

Is a napkin over the family for a towel, as health and living habits are different per person, prone to cross-infection.

Second is the use of a towel and some families are each have special towels, washing, shampooing, bathing, washing feet, wipe, wipe hands was it.

Three is not broken for repeated use. After using hard dirty towels made the deadline, becomes the new source of pollution.

Four were paid no attention to health many consumers on the towel towels wash, not boiled, not the Sun. And long to hang wet towels in an unventilated bathrooms, but bacteria and survive longer in the wet towel and geometry fast reproductive.

Five is neglected and shoddy products against a lot of cheap towels are made of waste and old, fake and low quality dyes and production of raw materials. Towels shall be a Director of the Professional Committee of China Textile Association stressed that the identification of these counterfeit towels are 100% cotton marked on, in fact, a considerable proportion of chemical fibers doped with. This kind of low-quality Pu fiber prices lower than that of cotton yarn, but not breathable, water-absorbing moisture poor, Pilling, wash your face with it, can irritate the skin; used to wipe off the furniture and other items, wipe clean surface water residue. Even more serious is that some manufacturers also use dyes that are disabled, these dyes contain ammonia benzene carcinogen.

Therefore, the towels are small, healthy things. All of us must bring attention Oh,