A Clear Method Of Tablecloth


After the use of the table cloth, to immediately wash it, so the best cleaning effect, especially vinegar, wine, sugar, salt and other water-soluble stains, before cleaning, you can use vinegar, salt and other table cloth soaked, three Minutes after the removal of cleaning, dry, so you can effectively remove vinegar, wine, sugar, salt and other stains.

Grease and protein stains to use alkaline solution to remove, by adding 5ml of water in 5ml of alkaline solution, completely dissolved, into the table cloth and boil, about 5 minutes or so, until the oil and protein stains completely disappear And then remove it for cleaning.

Pigment stains can be bleached with bleach, then cleaned, by adding 5g of water in 50g bleach, soak for 5 minutes, after the removal of color stains, cleaning dry and dry.