Bamboo Fiber Towel Matters Needing Attention In Using The Towel(1)

1. avoid twisting the water

Bamboo fiber for better strength when dry, and fibre elasticity was restrained after the wet water, weaken the strength. In the course of using bamboo fiber towel, individual consumers continue to use cotton towels, that is too hard and turn the water, put the towel dry as possible. For bamboo fiber towels, it is not necessary, because bamboo fiber towel absorbent ability, moderate turn water to clean facial moisture absorption. If they are too hard to twist, likely to twist off the bamboo fiber, damaged leaves for a towel. Also to avoid intentionally tear or pull wet towels. Breathable bamboo fiber after use hanging towels included water is easy to evaporate naturally, do not worry about towels due to too much water "cover".

2. avoid hanging on the sharp objects

Bamboo fiber towel because of its water absorption, wet weight was significantly greater after and excellent drapability. So when you use rear suspension, it is best to hang rod, rack and other larger items. If it is hanging on the nails, hooks and other sharp objects, hung some local fiber easily under the action of gravity in the larger variants or break and shorten the service life

3. There is no hot water disinfecting cleaning.