Bamboo Fiber Towel Matters Needing Attention In Using The Towel(2)

4. not scrub, dry and soaked for a long time. Bamboo fiber with antibacterial antimicrobial function, simply wash with dip.

5. bamboo fiber towel after washing should be dry, not in the wet state, should not be prolonged exposure.

6. the dark fabric of bamboo fiber wash with slight fading phenomenon for the first time, it is normal.

7. to ease hand wash, warm (40 ° c below) washing

Not with the synthetic fabrics with washing machines. never wash with detergent and wash clean, it is best to use neutral detergent to clean, if you want to use the washing machine to wash in soft mode, it is best to hand wash, natural bamboo fiber products gently treat it, if you use strong alkaline detergent to scrub the fabric structure easy to destroy it.