Bath Towel Use And Maintenance Considerations Are There?

Now, towel of using frequency increasingly high, customer on towel of needs increasingly big, towel is family life in the not missing of part, but people in using of while is didn't note it of maintenance, three sister towel was reminded everyone, towel to often wash Sun, and put in dry of place, avoid mites of breeding, for life in the appeared of small episode, for example skin sensitive, and colour dark, and skin State worse,, are is due to skin Xia of small inflammation caused of, this also when to is note towel of health. Towels not too luxurious, practical on the line, but is often replaced, new health and safety than the old. Due to the towel is exposure to the body's daily necessities, so manufacturers in the production process to be bleached, dyed, and processes such as soft, soft, absorbent, durable towel met for the top grade, and towel is always in the detail of the superior, such as clean, beautiful, and do hidden in signs next to the junction, which is more durable.

Bath towels are not as thick as possible is good, thick bath towel after the loss and slow to dry and not easy to carry out and frequent replacement, so towel the weight per square metre is a measure of its quality keywords, heavy and light, is the best bath towels features of, can guarantee the towel feels fluffy and comfortable. A thick and not too heavy, but durable towel about 500g per square metre, a standard size bath towel around 450g or so, meet the standard towel light weight, drying speed quickly, go out to carry. In towel of washing aspects, first will warm water put in basin in, joined neutral wash clean agent, makes its completely dissolved, then put towel folding good into basin within, with double feet Stampede times, in dip has oil of place put Shang detergent, gently rub zhihou, let water drops do, with warm water cleaning, twist dry Hou, can will folding up of towel like within volume into tube-like, and forced extrusion to dry weizhi.