Buy Towels And Bath Towels To The Attention Of:

1. smell the odor. If the product gives off a pungent odor, there may be residual formaldehyde, best not to buy.

2. pick color. When you pick a color, choose tints, for colour fastness to formaldehyde and excessive risk will be lower.

3. variety. In buying a shrink-proof, wrinkle-resistant, soft, flat was finishing fabrics and curtains are also cautious.

Second, used to the attention:

1. buy curtains should be back in the water fully soak, wash, to reduce the residual formaldehyde in fabric.

2. in addition to curtains, bed sheets, quilt cover, directly in contact with the skin also contains formaldehyde of textile products, be sure to wash later.

3. after washing the best outdoors in ventilated place to dry towels, bath towels, and then use the.