Coincidentally Use A Small Towel To Relieve Neck And Shoulder Pain, Back Pain

In everyday life, towels are small items that everyone uses every day. But you know what? A tiny little towel, in the hands of a convalescent doctor, can be turned into something to help relieve pain.
Cervical vertebra pain, lumbar vertebra pain can try to use towel to relieve, how should specific do? Practical tips for experts on towels.
Using a towel as a pillow can relieve the pain, but pay attention to the diameter
Everyone is fat and thin, the curvature of the neck is different, and the size of the pillow required is different. The height of the pillow bought from the mall is not necessarily suitable for everyone, but it must be fine-tuned.
There is also a difference in the height of the pillow needed to lie down and lie on the side. When lying on the side, the height must be higher, and when lying on the side, it will be shorter. So we also need to adjust the height of the pillow according to the position.
Relief from waist pain: a towel between your legs
People often say, "back pain to sleep three months hard board bed is good," in fact, this kind of statement is not scientific.
Experts say: "For people who are particularly thin, they will be particularly painful and uncomfortable. "
One kind of mattress is partitioned and designed with different hardness according to the curvature of the person, but this kind of mattress is expensive. In fact, if we don't have this mattress, we can do something about it: use a towel.
A hard bed might be better than a little support in different segments of the spine. For example, a towel is placed between the neck, waist, and legs to support these three parts.
The large towel, bath towel, fold up 30 % or 50 %, folded into a long strip, pad under the waist, its height can make you feel comfortable on the line. The reason why the strips grow up is because regardless of lying on the side, the long strips of towels will not run and will always stay at the waist position.
Experts said that when people lie on the side, they often have a foot in the front foot and the lumbar spine is in a rotating position and is forced. If you roll a pillow or towel between your legs, the rotational shear force of the lumbar spine will decrease and the pain will be relieved.
These towel life practical tips, experts introduced to many people, everyone more or less benefited from it. You might as well try it.