Cold Sleep, Wrapped A Towel Around Her Neck!

Fall/winter season, the night temperature is relatively low, people sleep after often sticking out the neck and shoulders, resulting in shoulder, neck, blood vessels constrict, poor blood circulation, resulting in muscle spasms, causing a stiff neck.

Winter sleep, besides Tuck, also wrapped a towel around his neck, which can effectively prevent neck, shoulder, stiff neck caused by exposed to wind. Meanwhile, the neck and shoulders also often activity, the best method is: crossed in the back, head and hands in the opposite direction, so you can exercise the neck and shoulder muscles, reduce the chance of muscle spasms. Pillow height to fit, standing in the back of the neck with his fist high, try to keep the head, neck and shoulders in the same level.

If a stiff neck, first lying in bed not to move, muscle recovery, towels can also be used. But if the pain for more than 24 hours, or has symptoms such as hands and feet, the best time to go to the hospital, in particular recurred frequently and may be due to cervical spondylosis induced by recurrent stiff neck.