Conservation Method Of Towel

Towels are used items every day, gap more easily capture dust and bacteria, which close contact with our skin every day, germs easily enter people's body, so that people contracted the disease. Latest scientific experiments, coins, Bed textiles and towel are three indirect media disease, improper use of towels, can damage the skin, which can also cause cross-infection. Now most people know the importance of exclusive towels, but it is often more than a towel, and is not broke do not change, more attention as well as conservation. Here introduce some towels, proper use and maintenance methods.

1. microwave sterilization, clean towels, folded and put in a microwave oven, running 5 minutes you can reach cleaning.

2. steam sterilization, the towel placed in a pressure cooker, heat about 30 minutes will kill most microorganisms.

3. disinfectants sterilization and disinfectants can be 200 times diluted cleaning disinfectant chlorhexidine or 0.1%. Towel soaked in the solution for more than 15 minutes, and rinse out the towel, removal of residual disinfectant cleaner, can be safely used again after drying.