How To Shop For Tablecloths

The tablecloth is an item that almost every household needs, so we 'll show you how to choose a tablecloth.
1, the finesse of the fabric
For the selection of tablecloth material, wear resistance and washing resistance are important reference factors. Thin chemical fiber materials and new high-tech fabrics should be selected as far as possible. Try not to choose cotton fabrics, it is easy to absorb food odor and not easy to disperse, not conducive to restaurant sanitation.
2, color matching
The color of the table-cloth in the restaurant should be based on bright and light colors. The most suitable for use is orange, which can be matched with darker furniture colors. It can be set off by bright and fresh light colors or blue and white, green and white and red and white tablecloths., Bedroom, study tablecloth collocation should choose soft color as far as possible and texture is good, color elegant Jacquard cloth for collocation use, in the color of the choice of plain color is the same popular main color.
3, the match of table flags
The collocation of the table flag should be coordinated with the material of the desktop. The color selection can be selected relatively boldly, but it can not have a sudden feeling. The choice of table flag must not choose rough fabric, the pattern vulgar gorgeous style.
In addition, you can see whether there is color difference on the surface, whether the flower case is clear and the color is uniform; Touch with the hand, feel its texture is good, thin thickness is consistent; Check whether it has odors, and determine whether its formaldehyde, vinyl chloride and other volatile substances content is too high through odors; You can cut a sample and wipe the paper with a wet cloth to see if there is any decolorization