Infant Towels Must Be Soft And Comfortable

Towel and close contact with our body every day, its main components of cotton fiber is very easy "filth", if cleaned improperly, will become the home of pollution.

Towel stained with sweat, tears and other secretions, as well as contamination of pathogenic micro-organisms from the environment, such as Chlamydia trachomatis, Staphylococcus aureus, Neisseria gonorrhoeae and mould, if it does not wash, the Sun, a large number of bacteria will remain in a towel, multiply, used the towel to wipe the body, is likely to cause infection. Therefore, wash with towels when you are finished in time, best washing with SOAP once a day, and then dried in the Sun.

Often this is the case, towels with hardened after a period of time. This is mainly because the water free of calcium and magnesium ions combine with SOAP, caused by adhesion on a towel. In addition, the dirt remains for a long time is one reason to harden. To prevent the towel hard, in addition to regular cleaning which, at regular intervals in the water with SOAP and water or lye, towel and boil for a few minutes; when boiled, towels should be fully immersed in water, avoid contact with air oxidation increases strength and even brittle.

Furthermore, the towels more often and become sticky greasy hair and poor water absorption, and give off a sour smell, wash with SOAP more sticky. Then, after rubbing with the right amount of salt water, with hot water, then rinse with clean water, will not only bring the towel back to the original color, odor can also be eliminated.

Towel is a fabric, used for a long time, bacteria in deep fiber gap difficult to clean, washing, drying, high temperature cooking method can only control the number of bacteria in a short time, does not permanently remove bacteria. Long-term use of an old towel, would cause the bacteria a chance. So it's three months or so for a new towel.