Sports Towel Purchasing Small Skill Water Absorption Permeability Is The Most Important

Sports towels are superior to ordinary household towels in terms of materials, specifications, water absorption, and air permeability. They are essential for aerobic exercise, outdoor exploration, and travel.
Sports towels are made of pure cotton, ultra-fine fiber, bamboo fiber, wood fiber, etc.. Some materials do not meet health requirements and can cause skin allergies and other discomfort. In particular, when exercising, sweating is more, towel material is particularly important. Priority should also be given to selection.
Then see if the towel will lose hair and color. A large amount of hair loss will cause discomfort in the mouth and nose, and it is also the culprit that causes allergies; If you lose color, it is very likely that the dye does not meet the requirements and will also bring serious health risks.
Judging whether the water absorption of the sports towel is good, you can see whether the towel is added too much softener, softener can make the towel more fluffy, give people feel, it seems that the fluffy towel will be more skin friendly, perspiration, but otherwise, softener Use too much will damage the water absorption of the towel.
Note when purchasing:
First, spray a small amount of water on the hanging towel. If the water is quickly absorbed, the towel is very absorbent. If there is a drop of water, you know.
Second, use a clean wet tissue to identify whether the staining is strong, with a tissue on the selected towel to rub back and forth, will not drop color, at a glance;
Third, use the combustion method to identify the buying material and extract a cotton yarn at the edge. After burning, black ash is left behind. There is no coagulant, indicating that it is cotton or natural fiber;
Fourth, breathable fiber products are better than pure cotton products, but fiber products are not as durable as cotton towels, and do not believe the rumors of fiber "decontamination";