The Choice Of Embroidery Towels

1、fluffy texture, soft feeling: this embroidery towel gives a comfortable feeling of comfort, touch in the hands of flexible, attached to the face like spring breeze was blowing, giving a feeling of love, Towels should not dry hard, so as not to hurt your skin.

2、the pattern is clear, full of print, full of rich sense of the times: embroidery towels in addition to practical, or a work of art, lifelike, is a painting, is a decoration, giving a spirit of enjoyment in the room Any place will not be unpleasant.

3、colorful: embroidered towels, as long as the materials used to pay attention to the process in place, must be very bright, a look there is a fresh, avoid buying old towels, because this towel in general the process is simple, Be healthy.

4、the high water absorption: embroidered towels on the requirements of the hydrophilic particularly strong, towel wiping, dry water, dust to do, which requires high-quality cotton yarn, advanced cooking and dyeing process, perfect testing and Test means, rubbing on the face slippery, do not absorb water, do not decontinate the towel will affect your quality of life.

5、fashionable, fine production; embroidered towels can have a variety of different styles, there are spiral, cut velvet, plain, printing, you can also add satin stalls, satin, embroidery, decals, drains, mosaic, etc. A variety of means of technology.