The Use Of Cushions


With the mechanization and the popularity of office computers, people who work in a sitting position are becoming more and more common. Some sedentary people in order to prevent low back pain, often in the car chair, sofa, stool put a cushion. Doctors warned that the use of cushions to prevent low back pain should pay attention to methods.

Doctors pointed out: first cushion must be on the waist, put the back is not correct. This is because the normal human lumbar spine a total of 5, due to physiological needs they do not grow in a straight line, but the central protruding front convex shape, from the side, the lumbar spine is like a gentle slope of the package. Due to the physiological characteristics of the waist, back can not be placed in the same plane. So the correct sitting position should be, chest up, when the need to rely on the chair, the waist straight, leaving the back, sitting on the sofa as far as possible after the ride. Let the buttocks sit on the bottom of the sofa surface, the back close to the sofa back. If you put a cushion in the waist, you can make the waist to be effective support, to maintain the lumbar flexion physiology, balanced lumbar, waist muscle pressure, reduce strain, increase somatosensory comfort, prevention and improvement of lumbar discomfort, benefit. Followed by the cushion is not too thick to 10 cm height of the cushion as well. So that the human body back pressure, just compressed 5-8 cm, the most consistent with the lumbar physiological lordosis. Too thick will cause excessive flexion of the lumbar spine.