Towel Shopping Tips

What's a good towel?
Cut the towel.
The wool ring of ordinary towel is cut and treated to make the fabric surface covered with flat fluff, which can be cut on both sides or on one side, or can be partially cut to form a textured fluff.
Advantages: Soft, comfortable to use, more hygroscopic and soft than ordinary towels. After cutting down, the printing is more exquisite and the product is of high grade.
Raisin towel
A towel of various patterns woven from a Jacquard using yarns of different tissues, colours, or materials. The material of fiber used, yarn fineness, fabric structure and latitude and longitude density vary widely, and the design and weaving techniques are complex.
Advantages: The pattern is delicate and delicate, the color is bright and changeable.
Antibacterial towels
It has a good inhibitory effect on Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus, and E. coli. The sterilization performance of washing more than 100 times can still reach 94-98.
Advantages: Under humid and hot conditions, it will not mildew, odor, anti-mite inhibition, is a new type of health care towel.
Wallow towels
The non-twisted yarn towel uses the processing method of cotton yarn and combined yarn, and after weaving into an embryo towel, the cotton and soluble PVA yarn solution is used by the dyeing and finishing process to produce a non-twisted velvet ring.
Advantages: feel smooth as fat, good hygroscopic, protective skin, is a fashion beauty towel.
Cotton cosmetology towel
Regenerated fibers used as raw materials for natural cellulose such as viscose fibers, Modaier fibers, and Newdale fibers are woven and converted into cellulose sulfonate solution by physical and chemical methods and then spun by a special process.
Advantages: smooth and delicate, fluffy, soft, hygroscopic, breathable, smooth and beautiful, is a very popular beauty towel.
Towel shopping tips
1, wool circle
The surface of the towel has many protruding wool rings is the main sign of the quality of the towel. To choose between the front and the back of each side of the eye, there are many long, rich and soft towels, easy to absorb water and store water.
2, weight
Good quality towels, heavy weight; Bad towel, light weight. You can use the method of weighing comparison to select a good product with a heavy weight.
3, yarn
The better the quality of the yarn used for towels, the higher the yarn. High-grade towels are often interwoven with 32 and 21; Medium towels are mostly made of 21 or 20 pieces; The lower gear is woven with 21 or 16 yarns.
4, feel
In the yarn of weaving towels, the ripe yarn feels soft, strong and durable, and the raw yarn feels harder. A small amount of water can also be used to drip onto the towel from a height of 20-30 cm. If the water drop is immediately sucked in, it is made of cooked yarn.
5, weaving
Check the texture, spread the towel or dialysis to the sun to see if there are any defects in the appearance such as color, Rust, stains, printing materials, and ambiguity. If not, it indicates a higher quality.
6, texture
The texture of the towel should be fluffy and soft. This gives people a feeling of comfort and enjoyment. It feels elastic in the hand and sticks to the face like a spring breeze, giving people a feeling of love.
7, color
No matter what kind of towel as long as the material is exquisite, the process is in place, it must be very bright, there is a sense of freshness at first sight. Old colored towels are generally simple and poorly used, which is unhealthy.
8, pattern
The towel is also a kind of art, it is a decoration. Good towel pattern clear, printing accurate, full, novel, full of contemporary sense. Avoid buying counterfeit goods that are made in a crude manner and resemble gods.
9, water absorption
Use of high-quality cotton yarn, with advanced cooking and printing and dyeing technology made of towels, the requirements for hydrophilic, towel wipe, moisture drying, dust.
10, style
There are various styles and techniques for towels. Choose to use good materials, quality, plus fine seams, horizontal vertical, just the right trademark sewing towels look very elegant, let people love.