Towel Used For A Long Time To Become Yellow And Hard, Clever Use Of The Recovery!

Towel can be said to be a must for every family. Usually after using it for a while, you will find that the soft and fluffy towel has become hard and sticky and even sticky! What do we do with the towels when they're like this? Look at the life wonderful net small editor shares the wonderful trick!
How do you clean the towels?
1, high temperature disinfection is the most effective
When washing the towel, the towel can be boiled with boiling water for 10 minutes, and then cleaned with general cleaning agents. After washing, get it to the ventilation place to dry.
Towel used for a long time to become yellow and hard, clever use of the recovery!
2, salt or alkaline detergent cleaning
It can be added to the water with alkaline detergent plus salt rub, after washing and then washed with water, can improve the problem of towel yellowing and odor.
Towel used for a long time to become yellow and hard, clever use of the recovery!
3, use vinegar and soda to remove odor
If you want to remove the odor of the towel, you can add two tablespoons of white vinegar and appropriate amount of hot water to the washing machine. At this time, do not add detergent, softener and other detergents to start the washing machine directly. After the cleaning process is over, add a little washing powder or soda powder and wash it again to remove most of the odor and sticky.
Special note is, in the towel to remove odor, must first remember to check that the washing machine itself has odor, if the washing machine has flavor, can be added hot water and 2 cups of bleach to clean the washing machine, otherwise it will be a waste of help!
After the washing machine is closed, the wet and sealed environment is the best condition for the growth of mold, so as soon as the washing machine stops operating, it must immediately take out the towel, so that the microorganisms attached to the towel fibers will not continue to grow. In front of the towel, Better throw the towel around 20 times before you take it to the sun!
Tips for using towels:
1, after the towel, to dry the towel, so as not to mold towels, especially bath towels!
If there are windows in the bathroom, it is best to open and open the curtains in the morning so that the sun can come in and breathe, so that the towel can be kept dry but still moldy. Again, towels also try not to dry, let the sun exposure to have the role of sterilization, will not taste.
How often do you change a towel?
Many people will use the towel to break, yellow before the exchange, in fact, this is not right! Towel is fiber fabric, use time is long, go deep in fiber gap bacteria will be difficult to clear! General cleaning, sunbathing, high-temperature cooking and other methods can only control the number of bacteria in a short period of time, and can not permanently remove bacteria. So if you use old towels for a long time, it will give the bacteria a chance to invade.
It is recommended that you should prepare 2 to 3 towels for alternate use at the same time. It is best to change a new towel for about three months, and it is best to use hot water to heat the towel once a week. The sterilization can ensure that the towel is clean.