Waterproof Apron Cleaning Method


1, apron usually wash can be hand washing, can also be machine wash, the use of alkaline detergent;

2, the washing temperature depending on the color of the cotton may be, usually the best water temperature of 40 ~ 50 ℃, bright or dark color water temperature should not be too high, too high apes easy to wrinkle, washing time should not be too long to avoid fading. White sweatless cotton can be boiled. With sweat cotton cloth products are not easy to high temperature washing, so as to perspiration in the protein coagulation and adhesion to the fiber, resulting in yellow spots;

3, waterproof apron on if stained with paint stains, need to use kerosene or turpentine rub until stains so far;

4, ventilated cool place drying waterproof apron, can not be exposed in the sun;

5, in the ironing waterproof apron, the amount of wet, so easy to ironing.