What Are The Advantages Of Bamboo Fiber Towels

The material of towel is varied, bamboo fiber is one of them, what are the advantages of bamboo fiber towel? Let's take a look at the relevant content.
1, antibacterial resistance:
After a bamboo fiber towel and a normal towel are wet with water, do not leave the two plastic food bags and place them in an environment at 30 degrees Celsius for several days. Then open the bag and look and smell. What do you feel? Bamboo fiber towels are still so fresh as new, no odor. In general, towels have been moldy, sticky, smelly, and even black. The reason why bamboo fiber towels have such singular power is completely eliminated from the antibacterial function of bamboo fiber itself. Bamboo never infects pests and diseases during the growth process, that is, because bamboo contains antibacterial antipyretic substances-bamboo Peony. The National Textile Inspection Organization has now proved that the death rate of germs on bamboo fibers is more than 73 %, which is completely lacking in other textile fibers.
2, soft and smooth:
With a touch of the hand, the hand feels soft and smooth(velvet) and elastic. Feel the bamboo fiber towel on the cheek quietly, you will feel the same as the baby skin very delicate, soft, smooth, comfortable, such as satin. Touch the general towel again, bring you what kind of feeling? Must be hard, dry, rough. The unique role of bamboo fiber towels such as silk forging represents the trend of career development.
3, anti-ultraviolet:
Bamboo fiber has been completely skim, desugar, and deproteinized, blocking the chemical reaction of the stain on the bamboo fiber towel. It has a strong cleaning ability and is quickly and completely removed. The ultraviolet penetration rate of bamboo fiber is 6 per 10,000, and the ultraviolet penetration rate of cotton is 25 per 10,000. The ultraviolet resistance of bamboo fiber is 4 to 7 times that of cotton.
4, strong water absorption:
Bamboo fiber towel hygroscopicity, dehumidification, breathability are good. The warm winter and cool summer are determined by the hollow characteristics of bamboo fibers. Summer and autumn use, make people feel extra cool and breathable; The use of loose and comfortable winter and spring can clean up the body's excess heat and sweat, do not fire, do not dry.
5, easy to clean:
Wet bamboo fiber towels(the intention is to activate bamboo fiber molecules in abundance), then pour soy sauce, edible oil, etc. on the towel, and then take it under the water pipe to rub, without any cleaning agent. You will see strange phenomena, soy sauce, cooking oil, etc. are completely washed away by water, bamboo fiber towels are still bright as new. This is due to the bamboo fiber has a Super cleaning oil, self-cleaning and self-cleaning ability. If you also question the ability of bamboo fiber towels to decontaminate, you can use it as a rag to clean tableware and let it toss in the oil for a week to further understand her peculiar decontamination effect. And if a general towel, use it to clean the tableware, less than a few days, it must be messy, dirty, extremely difficult to clean, and will eventually appear moldy, sticky, smelly