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The table is a must for every family, but the tablecloth may not be. We have tablecloths in many restaurants because they are easy to clean and replace. But in addition to this convenience, cotton linen tablecloth actually has a lot of effects. It can enhance the texture of the entire tablecloth, through the tablecloth you can choose the style you like to decorate. At the same time, cotton linen tablecloth can give people a more simple and beautiful feeling, and do not worry that some oil, water and other foods stick to the table, making the table difficult to clean.


Supply Ability:30000pcs per month.



Model Number:HTLN-TB004.



1. First, immerse the contaminated part of cotton linen tablecloth in hot water at 60 °C, take it out for a while, sprinkle with a small amount of alkali powder and the same amount of washing powder, and wash it by hand. Rinse with water and then wash with detergent.

2. After chopping the soap with boiling water, wash the tablecloth in soapy liquid.

3. Take a little flour and mix it with cold water, apply it to the front and back of the oil, dry it and remove the flour, and remove the oil.

4. Apply mung bean powder to the oil traces, then use an electric iron to heat it for a while.

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