Linen Tea Towels

linen tea towels

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The linen tea towel is a very inconspicuous tea set on the tea table, but it is very important to bear the heavy responsibility of keeping the tea table and tea set clean. Although it is kept clean, the role of the tea towel is not like a rag. It has a soft texture to wipe the tea set without touching the tea dish. After the tea table is finished, clean the tea set and dry it with cotton gauze.



100% linen


50x70 cm,Various as client required


photo printing


Eco-friendly , AZO free, low cadmium, pass EU test

Tea towels need to be cleaned regularly.

The linen tea towels need to be in contact with the tea set, which should be very clean and hygienic, so that it can look pleasing to the eye and be safe to use. Tea towels are stained with tea and are prone to moisture and bacteria. In principle, the tea towel should be washed and dried each time the tea is finished to ensure that the tea towel is completely clean the next time it is used. If the time is too late, you need to open the tea towel and do not continue to fold.