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100 cotton tea towels

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Tea towels are also known as "tea cloth" and are made of fibers such as hemp and cotton. The main function of 100 cotton tea towels is to dry the water left behind in the teapot or teapot before the tea is discarded, or to wipe the tea on the table. The raw materials are mainly medium and coarse cotton yarns, and some are blended with cotton and hemp. The organization is mainly made of plain weave and jacquard, and also has a pattern of lattice or geometric pattern formed by interweaving the thick and thin yarns. 100 cotton tea towels are thick and soft, and have good moisture absorption. Generally used as a wash cup, tea tray, tea set, anti-scalding, etc., can also be laid on the coffee table for decoration.



100% cotton, 32s/2 ,21s/2 ,21s/1,16s ,14s,10s


Bamboo fiber


60-400GSM, can do as you require


30*30cm,35*35cm,50*70cm ,other size can be customized


Do as you asked, red, white, blue ,etc.



2. We also accept small orders if we have stocks of this product  .


extremely durable ,soft touch and super absorbent

Logo  on tea towel 

1.Imprinted logo 2. Embroidered 3.Jacquard/embossed logo


We can provide free samples, according to practice buyers bear the freight.


1.100 cotton tea towels should choose dark color as well, light color will leave tea stains in use, neither beautiful nor give customers the illusion of unsanitary.

2. Tea towels should be selected to be absorbent and not suitable for lint, so as to prevent fluff on the tea set after wiping.

3. The reason why the tea towel is not used to cover the tea set is that the tea towel is well attached to the dust, and it is easy to drop the unclean object into the cup when the tea towel is removed.


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