Silk Screen Printed Tea Towels

terry cotton tea towels

Product Details

The terry cotton tea towels are screen printed using a silk screen method to keep the gloss of the pattern on the tea towel unchanged. The ink has strong adhesion, so it will not fade after long-term cleaning. The high-quality cotton fabric makes it elastic but not deformed. It has strong water absorption and is not easy to shed, and will not drop the unclean objects into the cup during the wiping process.


Item name: Tea towels

Fabric:100% cotton


Size: 40*70 50*70 as per customer's design



1. The tea towel is light and small, the gloss is soft and soft, and it is very texture, easy to carry around.

2. Pure cotton fabric has the characteristics of moisture absorption, moisturizing, heat resistance, alkali resistance and hygiene. Cotton fiber is a porous material, the internal molecules are placed very irregularly, and the molecule is rich in many hydrophilic layouts.

3. No toxic substances will be produced during the silk screen printing process, and it will not fade after repeated cleaning.

4. Pure cotton fabric has high comfort and does not cause adverse reactions of human skin.

Primary Competitive Advantages:

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  • Quality Approvals

  • Great Service

  • Eco-friendly , AZO free, low cadmium, pass EU test

Payment terms:

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