Silk Screen Printed Tea Towels

xmas tea towels

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The main function of xmas tea towels is to keep the tea set dry. The bottom of each tea set is in contact with the tea tray, and the bottom is easy to get wet. If it is not wiped, it is easy to get the water droplets everywhere, which makes people feel very uncomfortable. Many tea friends use tea towels as rags, wipe tables, smudge stains, and even remove rubbish from the desktop. In fact, xmas tea towels are mainly used to clean a little water stain on the bottom of the tea set and the desktop, and can not be used like a rag.



1.xmas tea towels are freshly stained with tea stains, which can be washed immediately with 70-80% hot water.

2. Old tea stains can be washed with concentrated brine or with a mixture of ammonia and glycerin (1:10). Silk and wool fabrics are banned from ammonia, can be rubbed with 10% glycerin solution, washed with detergent and rinsed with water.

3. Do not expose to the sun to prevent the tea towel from becoming hard.



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